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Here’s a roundup of our notable Mother’s Day event with stimulating Panel discussions and an Exclusive Feature of Momly, a one-stop destination for all your motherhood needs.

Mother’s Day holds a special place in our hearts, and this year, FemTech India along with Momly elevated its significance by curating a distinguished Panel Discussion.

The Panel Discussion, which was held at Done, Bastain Bangalore on 11 May 2024 had a wonderful array of guests, attendees, and speakers.

The discussion was a rich and insightful exploration that touched on crucial themes ranging from maternal health to the intricate dynamics of entrepreneurship for mothers. The esteemed speakers, with their collective experience and diverse backgrounds, offered profound insights and valuable perspectives.


Our Esteemed Panelists:

  • Manvi Gandotra, Founder & Creative Force behind 1Plus1 Studio, a leading wedding film company based in Bengaluru, and also a proud mother of a 4-year-old daughter. 
  • Chaitanya Kenchammana Hoskote, founder of Maya Medi Spa hybrid skincare bar based in India and the USA. 
  • Shalini Sankar, the National business head of Laqshya Media group, Startup Mentor at Kerala Startup Mission and Startup India.

In addition to the panelists, other invitees included:

  1. Neethi Bath – Super Nan founder
  2. Deepika Ponnappa – Founder, KidsWell –
  3. Hena Mehta and Dipika Jaikishan – founders of Basis
  4. Aashika Abraham – Founder of Mamma- miya

Our star speaker, Gayatrii Vamsi, Founder and CEO of LiteracyBees and also a noted Public Speaker and a Parent Coach played an instrumental role in shaping the event.

By fostering an open platform, the event amplified Momly’s dedication to drive positive change and empowerment in the motherhood space. With a core motto centered around advancing the maternal care revolution, Momly aims to bring critical issues to the forefront and catalyze meaningful progress in maternal well-being.

Moms in Focus: Expert-led Celebrations for Mother’s Day:

In addition to the panel discussion, the founders of Momly took to the stage to bring about the expert-led celebrations for Mother’s Day.

Neha and Supriya, co-founders of Momly, welcomed the gathering of remarkable women to the event, emphasizing their platform’s dedication to supporting women’s well-being throughout motherhood. Joining them was the other leading woman in the realm of femtech.  Navneet, Founder – CEO of Femtech India, took to the stage, and introduced “Moms in Focus,” an initiative aimed at celebrating and honoring the resilience of women who manage multiple roles while chasing their dreams.

As the event commemorated Mother’s Day, the collective commitment to supporting and empowering mom entrepreneurs resonated strongly, underlining a world where mothers thrive in both personal and professional endeavors.

Navneet then took the stage to introduce the panelists, underscoring Femtech India’s mission and emphasizing the importance of collaborations in advancing discussions on women’s health in India.

Highlights of the Panel Discussion:

The Panel Discussion kicked off with Navneet asking two overarching questions to the three guest speakers:

    1. What supportive measures or resources do you depend on to effectively balance both your professional commitments and family responsibilities?
    2. How do you address and manage feelings of guilt that may arise while navigating the demands of your career and familial duties?

Delving Deeper on the insights:

Chaitanya Kenchammana Hoskote – Juggling roles puts maternal care on the backburner

As women transition into motherhood, prioritizing their health often takes a backseat amidst the demands of parenting. By fostering a supportive environment, Chaitanya championed women’s health and vitality at every stage of motherhood.

Manvi Gandotra – Judgements, Pressure expectations are the 3 toxins of Motherhood

Societal pressures and judgments often disproportionately target mothers, imposing unrealistic expectations and standards. Manvi Gandotra recognized the importance of addressing these pervasive issues and aimed to raise awareness about the societal biases and stereotypes that mothers encounter. By fostering open dialogue Manvi seeks to challenge ingrained norms and create a more equitable and supportive environment for mothers.

Shalini Sankar – Shattering the glass ceiling is essential

Navigating a male-dominated industry can present unique challenges for women like Shalini Sankar. She pursued success in both her professional and personal life. Her experiences serve as an inspiration for women aspiring to thrive in male-dominated fields, demonstrating that resilience and perseverance are key to overcoming challenges and achieving success.

Summing up

The Mother’s Day initiative not only commemorated Mother’s Day but also underscored a deeper commitment to fostering dialogue, innovation, and collaboration in the realm of women’s health.

Overall, the panel discussion served as a testament to FemTech India and Momly’s shared vision of driving positive change and unwavering mission to elevate the discourse surrounding women’s health and entrepreneurship, ultimately contributing to the holistic well-being and advancement of women in India.

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