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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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Menstrual health

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What is Good for Earth is Naturally Good for You and Easy to adopt too !

The inspiration behind Avni comes from Sujata’s personal experience.

A menstruator for 18 years now, commercial pads have always caused rashes and irritation. 10 years back, I decided to do something about it. I was scared of using the menstrual cup so I decided to try cloth pads. My hectic travelling job was making it a bit tough to use them on all days. So I adopted a period routine of using cloth pads during the night while at home, holidays or low flow days. I loved them so much that I eventually shifted to them on all days, even during travels. Even today I alternate between cloth pads, cup and cotton disposable pads during the 5 days of periods. All depending on my schedule and travel plans.

We know every period is different. At Avni we make clean, tested, sustainable, functional products that work for you. We care for Mother Earth while we are at it.

Sujata Pawar


Apurv Agrawal


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