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Gurugram, Harayana, India

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Happiness Begins With Self-Care!

Mylo: Pregnancy & Baby Companion is the best Indian pregnancy and parenting app trusted by 10+ lakh moms. It is the #1 trusted guide & tracker for women who are expecting, trying to conceive or have a baby.Looking for the ideal Indian Pregnancy or parenting app? Let Mylo be your solution for when you’re trying to concieve, become pregnant & even after delivery for your baby’s care.

In Mylo, you will find many AMAZING TOPICS

Tips about conception, pregnancy, parenting

Pregnancy/conception/baby tools, utilities, guides

You can ask question that you can’t wait to ask your doctor, and get answer from a helpful community of experienced mothers on the Mylo Pregnancy and Parenting app within 5 MINUTES

You will get to know all about pregnancy and parenting – from pregnancy tests to parental yoga normal labor, baby names, diet and nutrition, miscarriage, baby food and everything else needed to understand your maternal journey and from thinnking about having a baby to what to do when your baby arrives.

Mylo is personalized for your stafe – how to get pregnant, what to do after getting pregnant, preparing for your baby, and what to do once the baby arrives. You can even enjoy funny short videos, jokes, GIFs, motivational qoutes, funny qoutes, bhajans, devotional songs and funny images all in one platform.

Mylo Pregnancy and Parenting app offers all features FREE, and much more to help you take care of your adorable little one

Vinit Garg

Founder & CEO

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