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Gurgaon, Haryana, India

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Pauseforward …is the new a modern approach to menopause: we are an online support platform to help women through the transition to menopause. Our approach to menopause wellness begins with a complete understanding of the stage and symptoms of menopause being experienced. We recognise that no two women have an identical menopause experience and therefore we connect them with the experts, and to a large community of women to share their experiences and gain perspectives. With a vision to empower women with knowledge, we also host high impact expert led webinars, expert -vetted articles and education materials.

We give you a safe and secure platform where you are connected with doctors, lifestyle coaches, ayurvedic experts, psychologists and many more who are qualified to support you so you can have a healthier, happier menopause.

Finally, women have a place to learn about solutions, get recommendations and most importantly empathy.

You can book virtual appointments with OB/GYNs who can diagnose and prescribe. Further to this, enrolment in our menopause wellness program will ensure access to certified Mental health experts & also health coaches to best recommend lifestyle behavior change for managing weight, sleepless nights, anxiety and depression.

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